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This is NOT a ******* match - this IS an educational topic for others to learn what is important and to learn all the techniques easily possible for accurate loadings.
Fine. Then tell us what the largest groups fire with that technique so all can see the results the represent what can be expected all the time, not just a very few times. If it's not important, then it doesn't matter what tools and techniques one uses to reload ammo. If they shoot enough groups, one will be the smallest ever.

You are so biased against BenchRest Shooters that it really stands out in your replies. Why don't you stick to the Topic as started.
I'm not biased, but just want to get the whole story. Long range benchrest rifles and ammo's no more accurate than what high power prone fired match rifles and F-class one are at long range. The best of them shoot under 7 inches all the time in good conditions properly tested.

Why are benchresters so biased against telling folks what the largest groups fired by record holders are? Why don't you tell us.....or are you biased, too?

Your Friends special sized die is not the normal capability of most reloaders.
It is if the get a full bushing die. Normal people have the capability of buying and using one. Probably costs less than all the annealing tools. And the total time to reload a fired case will be less.

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