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So just to clarify: The money saved is the PROFESSIONAL FEE that the buyers in-state dealer charges for his services, not the cost of a tax stamp?

In other words, a "normal" transfer from a dealer out of state to a dealer in state then to an individual or trust only needs one stamp (dealer to dealer transfers are not done on a tax stamp, but rather on their SOT tax fee paid)?

Compare "Case A" to "Case B" below for accuracy:

Case A: Individual wants to buy a Thompson from a guy in another state. Seller hands his Tommy over to his instate dealer, and pays him a few bucks to transfer it to a dealer in the recipients state. Time needed... whatever the BATF takes for the approvals. Cost so far: Professional fee to the dealer. The thing ships to the receiving dealer, who sticks it in his safe while the buyer gets his approval. Time taken... another BATF approval waiting period. Cost now on that end is the tax stamp ($200) plus whatever professional fee the receiving dealer charges.

Total time: Whatever it takes for (2) BATF approvals, one tax stamp, and two dealers fees. Correct? Or is there no BTF approval needed for the seller to hand it to his local dealer? If so, reduce the approval time by (1) cycle.

Case B: C&R Licensee wants to buy the same gun from an out of state individual. Seller hands it to a local dealer and that dealer holds it and initiates a Form 4. That dealer then sends the Form 4 to the buyer directly and that buyer then gets the paperwork done. Once Form 4 is approved, the sellers dealer ships directly to the C&R recipient.

Total time = one BATF approval cycle, total fees = 1 dealer's fee and one tax stamp. Correct?

Downside: Only an INDIVIDUAL can have a C&R FFL, not a Trust, so... it comes with all of the hassles associated with individual purchase v/s Trust purchase.

So... save one fee ($100) maybe one BATF approval time period (someone please clarify) and on the other side of the balance, not have the ability to buy as a Trust.

Any corrections to the above? Somebody please clarify "Case A"?


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