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The topic is Neck Tension, and how to control it reliably from case to case.

Not how poorly I shoot in high wind conditions.

You are so biased against BenchRest Shooters that it really stands out in your replies. Why don't you stick to the Topic as started.

I'm sure your groups are just as poor as the average shooter in wind conditions at long range.

The point I was making is case life and proper annealing and neck tensions are all related. Applying only different ball diameters, or modifying a sizing dies's ID to minimize working of brass, or using a FCD, or neck sealant, or minimal neck tensions, are all tools the reloader and shooter has at his ability to produce the most consistent accurate loadings possible. My reference to the Match Record was to demonstrate that cases can be used many more times than most reloaders think possible by annealing to maintain the consistent properties of neck tension. Your Friends special sized die is not the normal capability of most reloaders.

This is NOT a p***ing match - this IS an educational topic for others to learn what is important and to learn all the techniques easily possible for accurate loadings.

Please stay on topic.

(To the Moderators - the P-word is important in this context - sorry I had to use it.)
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