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Finally ready to enter the NFA world.

First, I have an awesome wife. For our 5 year anniversary she setup an appointment with a lawyer for us to obtain an NFA trust. I apologize in advance for what will be a lengthy post, but I have a few questions that I would like input on.

For the trust I will be naming my wife and myself as co-trustees so that she would be able to use the items without me present. I intend to name future children as successors for the items. In the even of our death I understand that our children would become owners of the items without need of paying a separate transfer tax correct? If our children are only successors, do they become authorized users after our death? I guess the real question is I am a little blurry on the difference between authorized user or co-trustee as I have heard it referred to versus successor?

We then stopped by a local gun shop so that I could speak with them about a Surbu shorty and ended up leaving with a Mac 11 in mind. I am considering the m11 for 3 main reasons

Investment - I understand that transferable guns are increasing in value so
I am viewing it as a long term investment.

Low cost - Honestly, it's about the lowest cost SMG available and offers a
lot of flexibility with additional uppers and add on options.

Lage .22 kit - If I am understanding correctly I can purchase a Lage .22 kit
for $495 and have full auto .22 fun.

What are the drawbacks to the m11? What is the difference between Cobray and SWD? Will the lage conversion fit either?

Lastly, what is the current fair value of a M11? I see some closer to 3k and some at 4k+ and at this point I do not know enough to distinguish the differences.

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