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I found that using neck-sized Remington brass, Hornady 168-grain Match bullets, CCI large rifle non-magnum primers, and AA 2520 I can load up to 47.5 grains of powder. This is a full grain beyond the hottest book max I could find.
QuickLOAD with default parameters gives a pressure of 68,100 psi with that load.

Taking out 1 grain of powder gives 63,200 psi. That is still over SAAMI max.

But, those are default values. Your case might be bigger. Is that load compressed in your cases? If so, then you are probably getting pressures something like these. For reference, I set the case capacity to make your 47.5 grain charge just fill the case, and got 62,800 psi. That requied a case capacity of 57.75 grains of water, which is 3% greater than the default value. While that is possible, and the lots of powder may also have different burning characteristics between your canister and the QuickLOAD data, the fact that 0.3 grains more powder makes your primers leak makes me think that your 47.5 grain load really is near 68,000 psi and the 47.8 grain load is near the 69,600 psi that QuickLOAD calculates with default values.

Even if these pressures don't eventually damage your action, they will almost certainly burn-out your barrel throat much more quickly than ammo loaded to the usual pressures.

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