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oldman, your comments:
I'm talking 1000 yards. You're talking 100 yards.
I mentioned what happened at 100 yards of an example of what most folks can relate to.

The records I referred to were all 1000 yard ones. Those are the ones directly related to the crux of this issue.

One can easliy see that the best of those FCSA rifles shoot under 7 or 8 inches all the time at 1000 yards. Records only reflect what happens the smallest percentage of the time. Their largest groups happen just as often as their smallest ones. If you don't realize that, so be it. Smart people know that's the way it is. Shucks, I've put 5 consecutive shots from a .308 Win. into 2 inches at 1000 yards using aperture metallic sights slung up in prone, but there's no way that represents what the rifle and its ammo can be counted on to do all the time.

Please, please tell us what the largest groups shot are. That way, we'll get the whole story, not just the smallest ones at the low end that one can count on less than 1% of the time.

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