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Remington 1903a3

I saw a nice Remington 1903a3 the other day in a Local Gun Shop. The serial number was in the 3 million range and the barrel had RA-43 on the end of it. It also had another symbol either above or below the RA-43. The rifle looked like it was in great shape. The bore could use a good cleaning, but until I run a cleaning rod down it and inspect it I don't want to make an offer. From the outside looks really good for its age.(and I'm real picky) The rifling goes all the way to the muzzle, but it has a light color of green in the grooves. A man I was talking to the other day said that $600.00 was too much because it was a Greek rebuild, and he wouldn't pay a dime over $400.00. What do you guys think is a fair price? Has anyone heard of a Greek rebuild and are they good 1903's?
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