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If you have prey pop out in front of you inside 50 yards with a scope that is 3x or more in magnification, you can actually have trouble finding the prey in the scope because of the overly magnified and limited field of view.

For reactive shooting, 2-3x and a scout scope set-up allow you to keep both eys open and it's as easy as shotgunning, if the scope is set up right: mount the gun while looking at your target, and the crosshairs just appear on it.

I imageing a low power red-dot sight would be similar, but with a reduction in brightness (important for hose hunting the first few minutes and the last few minutes of the day) and sacrificing much of the long range capability of the 7mm Mag ..... how precise can that red dot be? A 4MOA dot would cover most of a deer's chest at 400 yards ..... aim small/miss small?
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