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I think you did it just right. I am a dog and cat owner and a lifelong animal lover. My cats stay in the house (that way the mice don't), and I have a tall fence to keep the dog in the yard when he is outside. People who don't take proper measures to contain their animals are also not taking proper care of them, and if the animal gets dead, they don't really have much room to complain.
I completely agree Big Mikey76. I do the same with our cats and dogs.

Apart from the damage to smaller wildlife cats do when allowed to run free, they also become coyote snacks. Loose dogs cause problems too, killing chickens and chasing horses. A few weeks ago, someone down the road shot someone else's loose dog. The news channel started to make a big hoo-hah about it but I e-mailed them to tell them it is illegal to let dogs run loose out here, and the problems they cause when they do. The story died away.
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