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PianoGuy: In Wisconsin, if you can show that you had a reasonable expectiation that you were in danger of losing your life or incurring grave bodily harm, you can justify drawing your weapon and using it if need be. Every case is a little different depending on the relative abilities of the attacker and the victim. But you can't draw to only protect your property
Hopefully this will not happen to me, as I am an old and disabled. You can use deadly force to protect property in Texas, and you do not have to engage in martial arts, or a fist fight to stop an unarmed robber. I might surrender a TV set, but my wallet contains my money, my debit cards, and my disabled daughter's Texas benefits card. I will draw in such a case and whether they want to take it anyway will determine the outcome. I will not live from now on with an identity theft problem if I can prevent it. If I were not willing to draw in such a case, then I would not even bother to have gotten a permit nor would I carry a gun. At my age, engaging in a physical confrontation is life theatening, and my assailant would probably take my guns & use them on someone else. We have no duty in Texas to surrender our wallet to an armed nor an unarmed assailant, nor to take a beating either.
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