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Over the years I have had the privilege to hunt many places that I did not own. Some were for only a year or two, some I am still hunting. I feel bad whenever I lose that privilege, not because of opportunities that I will miss out on, but because I cannot go back to those beautiful spots that still have a fond place in my memories. One of my favorite places to hunt is on a large tract of public land that I have hunted with my family since I was big enough to keep up with my dad. Nowadays, most of my family hunts somewhere else or they are gone. The hunting isn't the best, but then it never was. Sometimes I only make it back there once a year, but I still mange to make it to my dad's favorite stand and the place where I shot my first buck. The woods has changed much in those 45 years, but when I go back, and lean back against that old oak(if it's still there)for a brief moment they are just like they used to be......and at least I can go back and remember. For those places I cannot go back to, at least I still have those fond memories, and for that I am grateful.
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