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not sure just how big your hands are, but you may try twisting your hand to where the bore is in line with your forearm. this positions your index finger further out of the trigger guard. it took getting used to, but it works for me. whatever you find that works, you should stick to. elimination of variables is key with pistol, (possibly any) shooting.

also, as was already suggested, using your offhand to hold the weight of the gun and using your stronghand for primarily trigger manipulation helps.

EDIT: i'm also a huge disbeliever in pulling back with your weak hand. i know a lot of people teach that, but i've yet to see any decent IPSC shooter condone it. pulling back with either hand is only going to make the gun return to POA slower, as you're helping the recoil pull the gun back. equal pressure pushing out is better. also, make a concious effort when you index to be relaxed, especially in your shoulders. no muscles should be getting tired, or you might be pushing/pulling too hard somewhere.

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