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I OC all the time (except in Winter when I have a coat on). I never go looking for trouble, and in over 40 years of OC, I personally have never had a problem....

However, when you do OC, and you do run into a problem, it is best to fight it without confrontation.

Perfect example is Jeff in Spokane. (Jeff OC all the time also) Went to a Ron Paul political rally at the Spokane Convention center, and her and his companion, both OCing, were turned away and told they could not enter the convention center. They did not muss or fuss, they left and then filed a complaint with the parks board.

Yes, Spokane has an ordinance about firearms in their convention center, and it to not a legal rule, the state in RCW 9.41.300 specifically states that a local governments cannot prevent CPL holders from carry in a convention center.

This is now going through the complaint process to get Spokane to change their ordinance so it complies with state law.

My personal feeling...Jeff is going about this the proper way...and he has standing without jepurdy.
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