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Here in Alaska, as many of you may know. We do not need a concealed carry license. If you are 21 you can carry a concealed weapon with no issues. It doesn't have to be in your name. If someone wants to, they can get a Concealed Carry License but like I said it is not required. Even though I will be getting one in June after i turn 21.
Here in Alaska the law is weird. You have to be 21 to buy a handgun and to buy handgun ammo. But if somebody over 21 buys one, they can legally sell it to you if you are over 18 or give it to you as a gift, even though you are not 21. And if you are over 18 but not 21 yet, you are allowed to carry one with you. But you must open carry it.

Only requirement here is, you must immediately tell the officer that you have a weapon in the car. If you do not, it is a misdemeanor I believe.
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