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First I thought the NYPD average overall in shootings was around 17% which is higher than many other large city police forces.

Second,Not having those 10# NYPD triggers might have helped, 21M is on the long side of where most people train for pistol shots but 9mm is still accurate at this distance. I can't help but think that with a browning hi power or even a DAO or DA/SA USP or P226 they could have been a little more accurate. That being said... A rifle MAY have helped, but poor shot placement with a rifle won't do much more damage than poor shot placement with a pistol. I can arm chair jockey this all night long but IMO there is no "one" thing, be it larger/different caliber pistols, different pistols , different weapons or better training that will "solve" incidents like this. I can personally say that especially at long distances I will shoot better with a standard glock trigger than with a modified extra heavy glock trigger.
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