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The 9mm is the most used round buy police and military world wide. It was used by the british and Germans in WW2. It was used by the british SAS to good effect in terrorist and hostage situations. It is the most tried and tested hand gun ammunition ever produced.
And you think its not a proven performer.

The person could have being hit by the same number of rounds in the same place with .40 or .45 and and had the same result. Hit someone with 9mm .40 or .45 in a vital area they will go down hit them anywhere else and will or won't depending on the person.
I agree 100%. I have a friend who was shot at a party in Boston as an unlucky bystander. 3 45 rounds in his upper body, one went through his armpit, through his midsection, and out the other side. One went through his lower abdomen. And the otherthrough his arm. After the shooting, he spent 1/2 hour getting his shiznit together, and then drove himself to the hospital. Was out of work for a month but today he is fine. One 9mm in the right spot would have had much different results. Heck, one 22 in the right spot would have laid him out. A 45 does not guarantee dead guy, no matter what the ninjas tell you. Nothing against 45, or any other caliber, they all can work, you need to be good or lucky enough to put the round where it counts.
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