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Signs of pressure in 45-70


Suppose I decide on a certain brand of bullet, primer, and brass for a 45-70 load. Using a single type of smokeless powder (say, IMR 3031) I can make a 45-70 cartridge that operates at one of three different pressure levels:
  • "Trapdoor" Springfield (low-ish pressure)
  • Marlin 1895 (medium pressure)
  • Ruger No. 1 (high pressure)
So how do I look for signs of pressure when I am working up a load in my Marlin 1895?

Consider a hypothetical Ruger-level load. Will this load flatten primers or expand primer pockets or pierce primers in the Marlin but not in the Ruger? How could that be? I think of these signs of pressure as component failures that predict action failure. But how could the same component fail at one pressure level in one rifle but be OK at that same pressure level in another rifle?

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