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The person that was open carrying in this incident has made a couple bad decisions...

His comment in the story linked above:

Originally Posted by link to
"Proescher admits he insulted Hanna when they met on the Gary Pirkle Park track around noon April 20. "The rudeness was in noticing that he wasn’t [a police] officer," Proescher said.

He was simply taking advantage of his "freedom of speech” constitutional right, Proescher said in the suit.

And by carrying a gun, Proescher said he was “exercising his right to keep and bear arms in case of confrontation.”

I have to wonder how Mr Proescher treated others around there as well...I am sure there were other "non-police officers" there. Sometimes being polite goes a long way. Remove the fact that he was open carrying, and think to yourself, "if a man is being insulting, and creating an issue with his attitude/actions, should something be done?"

The next two lines say alot to me. That he was using his "freedom of speech" to be insulting to others? Since, in my opinion, he basically started a confrontation with his speech, he follows up and says that he "was excercising his right to bear arms in case of confrontation." Ummm.

Thankfully no one was injured, but this type of thinking is not good, in that, a person can go out, be insulting to start a confrontation, carry a firearm to defend himself in the confrontation that he started. It could have proceeded to have got worse...

The feeling I get from the story is that the firearm was just there, and was not the issue. The issue seems to be the persons attitude, and that is more then likely why he was charged with trespassing in the end.

It is interesting that he mentions he is an "advocate" of open carry, but yet he knew his birthday on his carry permit was wrong. I wonder if he has proof of where he tried to get that corrected, or just carried as is?

I am unsure about Ga for sure, but here even on public property you can be charged with trespassing or another charge if you are causing a problem and refuse to leave, or there after hours, or there without paying admission when they have a concert/show with admission fees. Generally speaking though disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace would probably be a better charge in some circumstances.

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