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Brownells / Sinclair Intl. Order Issue--RESOLVED

I believe Brownells and its sister company Sinclair, which shares the same order system, has a computer problem. I placed an order for four AR15 mags yesterday and received a confirmation of the order. Today, I received a second confirmation in which the line item had been duplicated and so was now for eight mags.

I called immediately and was told "It's too late, the order has been picked. When you receive it you can go online and request a return authorization. No we do not email shipping labels, you can just call and ask to be reimbursed your shipping cost." (Yeah, sure, and I'm also going to ask Obama to join the NRA).

Since no one there had any idea how the error happened, it seems likely that it could happen again, and I see no way for a customer to avoid it, as their original order confirmation was correct.


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