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Your best bet if you want to shoot a 7.35 Carcano very much is to start reloading. Factory ammo availability for this cartridge is "spotty" at best (Hornady did make a factory loading a few years ago, but it seems they've discontinued it).

Dies and the proper .300" bullets are, however, available from Hornady (Graf & Sons has them in stock) and dies may also be available from Lee.

While there is still some 7.35 Carcano surplus floating around out there, its not cheap and I wouldn't recommend shooting it. If its anything like the surplus 6.5 Carcano I've gotten ahold of before, it's hangfire/misfire prone garbage that is both dirty and corrosive. The only reason that I would buy surplus 6.5 or 7.35 Carcano ammo is if it came packed on the clips (the clips are reuseable and interchangeble between calibers).
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