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where to these ideas come from??
From trying to read your mind. But like I said and illustrated, I can't see my description happening.

Can somebody get a finger or thumb where it's not supposed to be? Sure.

But you're telling me that by design, the M1 rifle isn't supposed to strip the first round without a bump from the heel of my right hand. Okey dokey, fine. I read it, I just don't have to believe it. I do believe it's fairly rare to have that happen consistently, but I do not believe that the rifle is malfunctioning when it happens. It sounds to me like we are now splitting hairs about a rifle functioning properly or improperly leading to M1 thumb on loading. And my opinion is: on a malfunction, bets are off

Sorry if anyone finds that mean or whatnot. Maybe this isn't my best day but I'm a man that really tries to say what he means to say, and I see no other way to say that- to me, a rifle is broken if it's not working as intended

But Jim for what it's worth, that picture scares me too I'm pleased to say it was hard to get my rifle to do it for the photo

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