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GA Suit Over Open Carry Incident

A Georgia man has filed suit against two Gwinnett County Police Officers and a Sugar Hill Security guard claiming violations of his First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights. Gwinnett County and the city of Sugar Hill are located in suburban Atlanta.

This all stems from an incident where the gentleman was stopped by the security guard for openly carrying a firearm in a Sugar Hill park. The two argued over the laws and the plaintiff admits to insulting the security guard. During this confrontation two Police Officers arrived and asked the gentleman to leave, but he refused and was arrested for criminal trespass. The Officers also report that he was very evasive and supplied conflicting information.

After discussing this with some friends the general consensus was that the plaintiff made the situation worse with his behavior. There was even some question as to whether he might have actually been looking for a confrontation. To me it seems like the best course of action would have been to leave and then follow up with the City Attorney at a later date. To the best of my knowledge as a holder of a Georgia Firearms License the gentleman was well within his rights, but may have committed another crime based on his response.
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