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"threading" is any time you take bar stock and add threads. I have never heard of anybody threading a barrel blank with anything but a lathe for the breech end to go into the receiver. Muzzle brake I vaguely remember reading that maybe on some barrels it can be done with a die and a (very) skilled hand, but a lathe is probably the preferred way.

In case it is not clear, a barrel blank is just a cylinder of steel that has the rifling cut down the center. A lathe is then used to contour the cylinder, thread for receiver (and on the muzzle end, brake, silencer, etc), and chamber for the cartridge in question. So a lot of times folks will buy a barrel blank with a .223 or .30 or whatever bore and rifling twist they want, then send over to the gunsmith who then shapes it into an AR barrel or varmint contoured barrel for a bolt varmint rifle.

I have no idea about mosins. Also, for a 10/22, no tools are needed to change a barrel, it is friction fit into the receiver, although some high end custom jobs involve threading the receiver and barrel using a lathe.
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