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well, that works too. So AR's are more simple if you get a prethreaded barrel, or a nut system for a different rifle. Another specific question, what about a Mosin Nagant? I see several places selling receivers and heavy barrels. Would i need a lathe for something like that?

It's very encouraging to see that I can do some rifles if I get pre-threaded barrels or factory barrels. As I said before, I'm only 21. I don't have a couple grand to throw at a milling machine or something, not yet. Just managed to finish building my house, and that's the last big spending I plan to do for a while haha.

Do I have my terminology wrong in the OP? Would preparing a barrel for a muzzle brake or suppressor be considered "threading" a barrel, or is that just threading it for the receiver?

Once again thanks for all your help. I plan on taking some classes eventually, but I'd like to learn as much by myself as I can. The Firing Line has never steered me wrong.
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