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Something is messed up. If I wanted to float the Youkon this summer, all I would need to do would be to launch my raft. Yet if I want to hunt sheep during my float, I need a guide?

We hunters need to form a lobbying group to counter the lobbists for the special intrests like Outfitters and Guides Associations. Something like "American Hunters United". Nullifying these silly laws would force outfitters to reconsidder their prices and the market would begin to dictate what guided hunts are really worth.

Ethical hunters would have more access to the game fields. An outfitter may be more inclined to stop an unethical hunter if they know that they are not guraunteed that high trophy fee for looking the other way.

Thats what I think, anyway.

On a side note, after I graduated high school (many years ago), I took my guide exam in Wyoming and went to work for a local outfitter. The other three guides that he hired that year were all from out of state and had never been to the hunt area! So much for the argument that the guide requirement is for the safety of the hunter! The actuall paying hunters new more about hunting than these kids!
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