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Twobit is correct about the artillery model. They're always found with mixed numbers, which is normal for them, but there are some very rare examples with matching numbers. This is one of the most counterfeited guns on the market and are very difficult to expose when done well. Sometimes original parts are mixed in with fakes and many are even being shown in museums as original.

The 5 1/2" barrel is my favorite for obvious reasons, but is the best balanced compared to other lengths, though the 4 3/4" seems to be the most sought after.

Those SAA's replaced the 38LC revolvers in the Phillipines, even though there wasn't much complaint regarding them in the Spanish American War in '98. It's been written that most of the blame for not stopping those drugged up psychos was that the troops were lousy shots, but stopping power of the 45LC cannot be disputed.

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