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Just by taking a small look at Towboater's gun and it's easy to see why those Uberti guns are used by the movie industry. Even up close it looks almost exactly like one of the original colts. The good thing is they work well too.

Mykeal, when a colt is referred to as pre war it's WWII that's implied. Colts made prior to the war are considered 1st generation and a premium is paid for them. After the war left over parts were used to build other colts as well. The pre '98's have an additional premium added.

The bp frames were actually made well into the 1890's and colts have a plethera of configurations that can effect their values from slightly to drastically, such as having a pinched frame, which is unknown by most, but is simply a narrow spot while looking down the length of the rare sight notch. Get one of them and you've hit the lottery.

People who know the colt will even measure the thickness of the frame to determine if it was refinished, which will cause metal loss. Phony markings like U.S. and inspector stamps have fooled the experts. John Kopec, who I conferred with, is the number one hands down colt expert in the world and was the original owner of Peacemaker Specialists. Being a former colt gunsmith he knew how to caseharden and blue guns using the factory methods.

I sent Towboat_er a photo of a colt US Army .38LC that the govt wanted to use in place of the SAA. It was modern looking and the 1st smokeless used by the military, but after many years of use and re-works they dropped it. The SAA was king and to me is still king with the 1911 of course.
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