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An hour away? That is really nice.

A good friend of mine went last year with 2 other people.
No attempts to convert to a different faith were made at that time (unless membership is a religion unto itself). 2 resisted the impulse, 1 couldn't - and all three live near the east coast.

I wasn't given a complete account but their trip was several days long for the entry level course, you are tired at the end of each day but if you like shooting you'll have fun. They will be insistent that you shoot according to their style while you are there - and according to my friend it was more of a Weaver-esque stance. They use a buddy system where another student will keep an eye on you to make sure you are following their steps/technique in detail while shooting. Instructors were reported as friendly - one was interested in his conversion barrel from 40 caliber --> 9mm (to save money on factory ammo costs... can't pick up brass to reload) and they chatted, instructor shot a little with it and was impressed.

There were appropriate steps taken when a certain older gentleman just could not maintain safety rules - if I remember it included verbal warnings/correction, then continuing in dry fire only or observation only.
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