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After 13 years of marriage, my wife finally decided to overcome her fear of shooting so as to spend more time with the boys and I. We went to the range that I have frequented for over 20 years. As I waited in line to sign in, my wife waited about 10 yards behind the firing line, summoning her courage. A range officer, who I had never seen before, accosted her almost immediately, asking her what she was doing. She indicated that she was with me and he continued harassing her ordering her to get in line. (She was waiting for me to be at the head of the line before coming up because she was nervous.) It was a busy day at the range and with all of the firing she was communicating with him by gesturing, as she couldn't hear. He stormed away from her, approaching the other shooters to complain loudly about the girl who "couldn't talk." I could hear him, but didn't know what he was talking about because I was facing the opposite direction. By this time he has my wife so upset that I take the family and go home. The following Monday, I e-mailed all of the members of the Club's board to describe the situation and not a single one bothered to reply. So, now I'm shooting elsewhere, which is sad considering the many happy hours I spent there. Thanks for letting me vent...
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