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I started off with the Rockchucker Kit (Press, scale, powder measure, reloading manual). I had to buy powder, dies, Shell holders, caliper, primers and bullets.

I still love the Rockchucker, but now I wish I had gotten a turret press. I have expanded my reloading quite a bit and reload for five different rifle calibers and five different pistol calibers.

My biggest like about RCBS is their warranty and customer service. They have helped me figure out what I was doing wrong with the powder measure (Wrong drop tube and I was not "Snappy/consistent" in my throws) and I have screw up a few decapping pins. RCBS has sent free replacements.

Lee has charged me for the replacement parts I need. I have both Lee and RCBS dies that I use in my press. I even have a set of Lyman dies. They all fit in the Rockchucker press.
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