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We are still in preliminary stages with Natl Shooting Sports Found., et al v. B. Todd Jones (12-5009, 12-5010), as noted in the following circuit docket:

03/09/2012 Open Document MODIFIED PARTY FILER--MOTION filed [1362947] by Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence to participate as amicus curiae. [Disclosure Listing: Attached] [Service Date: 03/09/2012 ] [12-5009, 12-5010]--[Edited 03/09/2012 by LMC] (Reade, Steven)
03/13/2012 Open Document RESPONSE IN OPPOSITION FILED [1363534] by Foothills Firearms, LLC and J&G Sales, Ltd. to motion to participate as amicus curiae [1362947-2] [Service Date: 03/13/2012 by CM/ECF NDA] Pages: 1-10. [12-5009] (Gardiner, Richard)
03/20/2012 Open Document REPLY FILED [1364739] by The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in 12-5009, 12-5010 to response [1363534-2] [Service Date: 03/20/2012 by CM/ECF NDA] Pages: 1-10. [12-5009, 12-5010] (Reade, Steven)
I haven't downloaded these briefs. I'll let them fight it (amicus will be granted).

The other thing that I noted is that the NRA is not the lead party to the case. the NSSF is the lead party. Having said this, it is the NRA attorneys that are objecting to the Brady Center becoming an amicus, not the NSSF.
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