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The setup that WWWJD showed you is really, really good.I have the the same setup and thanks to that equipment and the info I pickup on sites like this I have been cranking out good, accurate ammo from my first day for what I consider to be good prices. Factoring in component costs only (not equipment, storage boxes or time) I am at $6.50 per box of 50 for 9mm and .38 using found range brass and lead bullets. And I live in an area where components are not easy to get.

If you are really serious and have around $1000 to spend on equipment, my recommendation (and take it for what its worth, I am pretty new to this too) is this for 3 handguns and 1 rifle caliber (prices are to the right):

Lee Classic Cast Turret Press Kit includes: 197
Pro Auto-Disk powder measure
Large and Small Safety Prime
Cutter, Lock Stud, Chamfer Tool
Large and small primer pocket tool
Case sizing lube
Modern Reloading Second Edition
Safety powder scale

Lee Adjustable Charge Bar 12
Case Length Gauge/holder 9mm 7
Case Length Gauge/holder .38 Special 7
Universal decapping die 15
Lee 4 carbide die set 9mm 45
Lee 4 carbide die set .38/.357 42
Lee 3 carbide die set .380 40
Lee factory crimp die .380 20
Lee 2 carbide die set .32 Special 35
Lee Cast Iron Single Station Reloading Press 90045 30
shell holders 9mm/.38/.357 5
powder funnel 3
Digital calipers 15
Bullet puller 13
Chrony Chronograph (walmart) 76
Gemini-20 Electronic scale 25
MTM loading trays (2) 18
25 MTM 50-round ammo boxes 9mm/.38/.357 70
MTM dry box 20
MTM storage box (3) 75
Lee Auto Prime handtool 30
Lee 9mm taper crimp 10
Lee double disk kit 15
Lee micro disk 10
Lee press stand and bins 110
Grafs Case chamfer tool 12
Lee turrets (3 extra) 30
Lee press plate 25
Tumbler 40
Tumbler media/polish 30
Graf's case chamfer/debur tool 12

total 1091

You will have to adjust for your calibers but you get the idea.

My sources were Grafs, Midway, Amazon, Ebay, FS Reloadingl, Walmart.

Then, plan on dropping another $500-$1000 immediately at powdervalley/gunshows or the like to get enough powder/primers/brass/bullets to get you into the $6-$7/box range for quality handgun reloads.

This is just my 2cents. My wife signed off on me going from 0-60 with this out of the box setup for my 40th birthday while we were waiting on our LTCs to process in this state. I could not possibly be happier. I got to pick up a great new shooting hobby at a time when I couldnt even legally shoot. (note- dont load up on any cartridge at first, always test your loads properly by starting low and building to full)

I look at Lee the same way I look at Ruger- if you are OK with doing a little of your own fit and finish work you are getting the same or better quality equipment than Dillon/RCBS will give you, for a whole lot less money. Same thing applies to Ruger vs S&W, in my opinion.

Good luck.
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