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Interacting with cops

1. Competent and courteous cops are produced within departments with competent and courteous leadership. The process requires constant effort and planning from the sgt on up.

2. In the last 25 years I made at least 60 1000 mile round trips between Central Texas and South Mississippi. Before leaving either way, I took time to start the trip out freshly showered, shaved, and dressed conservatively and in good taste. My vehicle was clean and neat and devoid of gun magazines or anything else that would attract attention. I drove the speed limit, yet on three occasions I was stopped in small towns on malarkey: weaving, 1 mph over speed limit, or whatever. I made a point to be courteous and answer questions precisely and calmly. I never got a ticket. Any offense would have been fantasy. But, I could have made trouble for myself.

3. The cop's job is totally thankless. Burnout is common. Cops that act like jerks most likely have had a ton of manure dumped on their head from the public. AND, they probably have been treated like dirt from their supervisors, who may be responsible for most stress in police work.
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