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great post! hit the nail on the head police are people to can't be jerks to them and expect something different in return. I understand where your coming from my father is a police officer and I get to hear all of his stories. Another note if the PO is being a jerk don't be one back its going to get you no where just down some road you don't want to go down, it may not be that there just a rude person (there are some out there) it may be that their tired from working someone else's shift or having a bad day at home (we all have these days) and the PO doesn't have an patience to deal with garbage.

Courtesy goes a long way!

Also don't go watching youtube videos and think that what that person is doing or that law in that city also will apply in your city/town. New york being a strict state you can't do some of the nonsense you see in these video's.

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