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I agree, police officers should basically be model citizens, I have yet to meet one that was. Not saying there isn't any out there but the ones I've dealt with are far from model citizens. I've been cussed out, screamed at, and accused of a number of crimes by 2 police officers. I kept a calm tone, although I was raging inside. If I had let it shown, I'd be in Barboursville right now. I had a bad time with the short arm of the law, could've been worse if my conduct was anything worse than calm. You will more than likely run into corrupt, paid off, theiving, and just plain rude police than the nice cops. That's my experience anyways. Look up Mason County sheriff and you'll see he signed a plea agreement for shooting a gun in a home and in the direction of a minor and for wrongfully spending county funds. You will also find a deputy being fired for taking county money also. And a deputy resigning because what he has been asked to do was against his beliefs and didnt think how things were right in the county police. This doesn't even include the police that somehow go undetected. Luckily, someone is doing their job and catching these criminals. So, that also proves good police are still out there. I'd like to meet one and shake their hand.
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