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True, but...

I agree, 100%, but the major problems are training & supervision.
As I posted, it's not the general pubic's or the caller's duty/obligation to have a timely response to a 911 call. It's also not their responsibility to run subjects thru the NCIC, check tags(license plates), check for BOLOs(be on the look-out), enforce codes/ordnances, etc.
Some sworn LE officers become lax, burned out or have poor work habits.

A few years ago, I read a FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin article about internal affairs complaints & LE professional standards. The DoJ research project showed that in the US, most citizen complaints/IA investigations were against sworn officers who were; male, white, 25-34 years old, with approx 7 years on duty(with the sworn LE agency). Sheriffs, police chiefs and other public safety officials need to be aware of these factors.
In the late 1990s, I worked with a sex crimes police detective(who's LE agency had a DoJ Civil Rights Decree at the time) who told me the PD was going downhill. The senior detective & Korea war/combat veteran explained to me the large police agency hired young college grads who served only 4-6 years on the force then got burned out, leaving the LE career field entirely. He said fewer & fewer sworn officers could or would work an entire career with one police department. The detective said some older cops wanted to change the hiring policies & mindsets but the upper mgmt didn't care.

This is what armed citizens & some armed professionals need to deal with in their areas. Citizens should respect & work with LE but the sworn officers need to be aware of the citizens & businesses in their patrol zones and not treat them like dirt or potential threats.
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