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True & False...

I agree and I also disagree with a few of the topic remarks.
1) 911 calls/non emergency calls: I agree that citizens or "reporters"(a local term for people who contact emergency services) should be clear on where an incident is & to be descriptive(who, what, where, etc) BUT the general public can't be expected to know every street address or know how a LE agency routes 911 calls, records calls, stores or coalates information, etc. John & Mary Taxpayer don't patrol the streets & answer calls for service. They may also be upset, emotional, angry, etc. LE officers should remain professional & handle these situations like mature adults(some don't).
2) Some sworn LE officers & agents DO NOT wear uniforms or display badges-creds. I had a homicide investigation at the property where I lived about 2 years ago. NONE of the sheriff's office detectives wore badges or even sidearms!
Years ago I filed a formal complaint against 2 small town police officers who were in plainclothes, in an unmarked vehicle, OUTSIDE of their jurisdiction. The officers refused to provide photo ID or creds and were extremely rude/hostile. I also had an incident doing security work at a hotel where I walked into a group of plainclothes LE officers/agents who were "gearing up" with ski masks, weapons and raid gear. That could have quickly become a "blue on blue" event!
3) I've dealt with a few sworn LE officers & agents who were; rude, crass, condisending, lazy, and dishonest. There is an industry term for this conduct: "hiding behind the badge". Field training officers & LE supervisors should do what they can to discourage or avoid those behaviors but as time goes by, fewer & fewer don't. Lawsuits, bad PR, EEO complaints, and-or union hassles are what many US law enforcement officials want to avoid with their sworn personnel.
I've seen this go on a lot in my metro area. PM me if you'd want specific examples. There are many.

In closing, I would suggest armed citizens & forum members learn more about their local LE agencies BUT they shouldn't expect all of them to be polite, productive or well trained. Learn to document all records & stay vigilant.

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