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....shoot a gun without ear pro while drinking a 2-liter of diet Coke and swimming in the ocean naked on a sunny day without any SPF, more power to you.
Thanks for the visual!!

We've all fired guns without hearing protection. Out of everyone here, I've probably done it the least or close to it. I recall one time taking a shot with my 10mm when I forgot to put my ear protection back on. It was truly startling! Startling enough to where I decided not to make it my home defense gun (I was really considering it). Would I do it again? No. I am very protective of my ears and hearing.

Most everyone experiences hearing loss due to age, regardless of loud noise. Maybe if I live long enough and lose enough of my hearing naturally, I'll re-consider using my 10mm for home defense - what the heck!

Oh, and if BATFE ever gets rid of the CLEO sign-off, I'm getting a suppressor. I'm just too lazy, too cheap, and not motivated enough to get one at this point....but, I wouldn't mind having one for fun if I just have to buy the special stamp and the equipment.
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