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Questions on attaching a barrel and more.

I'm 21 and have been digging my way as deep into gunsmithing as I can since I turned 18. Have been firing rifles as far back as I can remember though. I do all my friends' gunsmithing, help them pick all their firearms, etc.

However, I have never taken a single class in gunsmithing or machining. I've been a carpenter since I was 15 and I use all my tools from that to get by doing gunsmithing...along with some tools my grandfather left me in his will such as taps and so on. I got into gunsmithing when my brother (range officer USAF) got me interested in an AR, and got more into it when i converted my first Saiga. Since then I have built several AR's, done several more complicated conversions of Saiga rifles, and modified a few others. However, I've hit a wall recently and I'm tired of staring at it.

I have no idea where to begin installing a barrel. When I do an AR build, I always have to buy the upper and barrel pre-built. I cant change barrels on any of my rifles or my friends', and I can't thread a barrel. One day I hope to be able to open a business on the side for gunsmithing and get my proper licensing and such, but I'll never get anywhere until I can learn this. I haven't even wanted to try to do it without advice, because, well, i imagine the repercussions for improperly installing a barrel are somewhat severe. So, is it a simple thing? And what is the deal with "headspacing" do I need major machinery, or can I manage it myself? Also, barrel threading, as I mentioned above.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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