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Originally Posted by Mike Irwin
So, how much time are you observing?
At least a couple of years...

[DIGRESSION]I started noticing those numbers, on the perhaps naive assumption that they reflected visits by actual humans, because I'm interested in the way that many people find hardware an end in itself: guns, woodworking equipment, whatever, are more interesting to them than the uses to which those things are put.

Even if you look at a different measure -- numbers of threads over time -- there's way more activity in the various hardware forums than in forums like Tactics and Training or Lock and Load, which tend to be more, um, process-oriented than stuff-oriented. Far more people have "what gun?" questions than have "how do I shoot better?" questions. Granted that the latter also show up in what I'm calling "hardware" forums -- there are still way more threads focused on which gun, ammo, or accessory is best for a particular purpose. (It's encouraging, though, that much of the time some Wise One jumps in and says "Duh! The one you shoot best," or "Don't accessorize it, just go shoot the heck out of it.")[/DIGRESSION]

They will target the forums that are most active.
So perhaps they are a valid measure of the relative popularity of those forums...
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