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"Based on that It seems pretty much a done deal to me." -- WRONG!


My post, from which you picked a single sentence upon which to turn your entire focus, is not saying that the rifle forums are a done deal.

The post discusses the rational behind the handgun forums being split and the reason for taking the stance that we do in closing threads that are posted in the wrong forum as a means of addressing a previous poster's comment.

That post is NOT, in any way, shape, or form, telling people that the partitioned rifle forum is here to stay.

Please disabuse yourself of that notion, because it is absolutely 100% incorrect.

Just about any change to TFL comes with a "trial period" in which staff keeps track of user acceptance and feedback.

Right now, all we are asking for is that people DON'T reflexively scream "OH GODS WE HATES IT, OUR PRECIOUS HAS CHANGED WE HATES IT WE HATES IT!"

Give it a chance, work with it for awhile. If member consensus is negative enough, it could very well be changed back to a single forum.

But staff is NOT, based on the short-term impressions of what, about 20 members who have posted here, going to do a 180 reversal on something that has been rolled out for less than a damned week.
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