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Fun and games in the back yard

I was at Cabala's in Rapid City Monday and picked up one of these little rubber ball targets.

Took the sucker out to play with it yesterday, chasing it around my back yard (pasture) with my 642 pocket revolver.

Heck of a lot of fun, and good practice.

I also get out my CZ 452 and chase it through the weeds. Wife firgures I'm having to much fun so she comes out and I give her the CZ. She shoots a while and then fetches her Model 70 243 and shoots up ever dern 243 round on the place.

Had a lot of fun, shot up a lot of ammo. Good shooting time with wifey.

After I get her some more ammo loaded up we're gonna play socker. I'm going to set up a little goal post and we're gonna see who can chase the target ball through the goal first.

If you're tired of paper targets and don't want beer cans and bottles all over your range, you should check out these targets. They're advertized to take anything from 22s to 50 cals. They can take thousands of rounds before they need replaced.

Like I said I got mine at Cabala's but everyplace sells them, Here is the picture form Cheaper Then Dirts web sight.

Suckers are a heck of a lot of fun.
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