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but it will undoubtedly damage your hearing. Remember, hearing loss is cumulative!
Firing one round of 9mm or 45 outside without hearing protection will not subject adults to hearing loss. I'd bet that 99% of us have heard at least one gunshot without ear protection.

Running will give you arthritis
Going outside without a burka and sunscreen will give you cancer
Eating sugar substitute and sugar will give you cancer; sugar will just give you diabetes
Bicycling without a helmet will cause your brains to be bashed in on the side of the road
Motorcyclists will die from random cars popping out of side roads and running them down.
Coffee hardens your arteries
You're going to drown swimming in the ocean if the waves are over 2 feet.
If you don't carry a gun everywhere you go, you will be attacked and slaughtered.
If you drive a car and don't wear a seat belt, you will be tossed out the front window and splatter on the road in a crash.

I've done all of these things.....and fired a gun once or twice without hearing protection, and I'm still here......and I can hear too.
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