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James K
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Hi, Amsdorf,

I am sure some self-styled experts can claim that the M1 was called the Garand by everyone. Not so. Now in early years, even folks like Julian Hatcher called it that (and he was certainly an expert), partly to distinguish it from the Johnson. But today if I hear someone call the rifle a "Garand" I pretty well know that HE is a "mall Ninja" whose experience with the rifle is based on gunzine articles written by folks not much older.

If you want to hand me my butt and claim I am ignorant about the M1 rifle, have fun. And of course, you can also call it the "Garry", same as the folks who use silly terms like "Winnie", "Remmie", "Springer" and "Smitty". Ugh!

And just to incite further ire, the carbine was never called the M1 (that term being used for the rifle); it was always called the carbine (car' bean); it would be called the M1 carbine or M2 carbine only if there was some need to distinguish between the two.

Chris B. - Just looking at that picture gives me the willies!!

Jim K
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