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The M16 is a good example but what if someone was dead set on getting a FA G36? There are no transferable FA G36. What about a MAG-58? A postie MAG is about $10,000 and the last time I saw a transferable one it was $75,000

Just sayin...
We can post varying gun prices, but the intent of the OP was for him to obtain them for his own use by way of the LE demo exception. I just picked a M-16 for an example.

There may be plenty of examples of the price differential, but when you add in the possibility of a felony conviction, and up to $250,000 (individual) fine, or $500,000 (for a corp) I think you will still find the price a good bit high for trying to go around what is legally allowed to be transfered to a non-dealer, vs becomeing a dealer only to purchse a certain firearm.

Section 15.1 NFA.
15.1.1 Criminal. The acts prohibited by the NFA and prosecutable as Federal offenses are listed in 26
U.S.C. 5861(a) through (l). As provided by 26 U.S.C. 5871, any person who commits an offense shall,
upon conviction, be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 10 years or fined. Although the fine
specified in the statute is an amount not exceeding $10,000, an amendment to Federal law provides for a fine of not more than $250,000 in the case of an individual or $500,000 in the case of an organization.224

15.1.2 Forfeiture. Any firearm involved in any violation of the NFA is subject to seizure and
Of course I could be totally wrong and the ATF may be willing to forgive an indiscretion more so then a Pastor, but I would not care to take a chance.

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