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Homemade Non-Lethal 12 ga loads?

Anyone come up with some crazy non-lethal loads for 12 gauge?


I'll start. In an attempt to use waste materials that are created during the shooting/reloading process, I discovered this surprisingly useful load.


12 ga shells with either plastic or paper bases.
Used/New wads of any weight.
8 to 12 spent primers
5.5 to 6 grains of Red Dot or similar powder
New 209 primers

This created a (hurtful) load of low velocity that no one would want to get hit with. Good for scaring away the local pitbull. Very quiet.

You just got to make sure that the wad's wings cover the hard primers to avoid damaging the barrel.

Another potential load would be to do 8 to 10 grains of Red Dot with .22 plastic airsoft bbs.
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