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I do have a question for the legal eagles out there. I would never willingly tell an officer if stopped about a handgun in my glovebox. I can legally own it, and it is my right under the law. My registration and insurance documents are located elsewhere. However, what if he asks? It seems there might be some gray area there, as it pertains to my civil rights. I haven't gotten pulled over in 20 years, but don't they ask if you have weapons, alchohol, or drugs in the car? Pardon my ignorance if I am way off.

Welcome to the forum. First. DON'T GRAVE DIG. Grave digging is posting to a long-dead thread just to ask a related question. Second, in Fl you don't have to tell LE about a firearm unless asked - then you must disclose. That is not the case in all states. There are many states that have affirmative disclosure laws (i.e, you have to warn the officer right up front).
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