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50/50 ALOX/Beeswax (in round sticks for the lubrisizer) is the classic cast bullet lube

Shooting NSSA for many, many, many years, my preferred BlackPowder lubes
(where firing rates were high/keeping fouling soft was critical) were:

Zouave Musket: 3:1 Crisco/50-50

Enfield Musketoon
- Winter 3:1 Crisco/50-50
- Summer 4:1:1 Crisco/50-50/StraightBeeswax

1861 Colts Special Model (Original)Musket: 3:1 Crisco/50-50

1860 Army and `51 Navy: Lithium Grease

`63 Sharps Carbine: (both Buffalo Slug & NEI Conical) 3:1 Crisco/50-50 (lots of it)
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