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Just got my c&r and can’t wait to use it

For my first purchase I want to get a couple of tokarev’s or other 7.62x25’s
So far I was thinking about getting a polish ttc $230 and a Romanian ttc $210 from classic arms
and either a cz82 $220 or polish p64 $199 for the wife
And if money permits a unissued cz52 from checkpoint for $305
I really want to be sure that I get the best deal for my money
(Had to cash in my 401k so decided I’m going to blow a grand on myself before it’s all gone)
I sent my c&r to sog and century arms but still waiting to be able to log on
So far I checked/sent c&r to classic, empire, center fire, wideners, checkpoint & j&g
Are there any better deals out there?
Thanks for any info
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