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Repair work done...

I got the parts from Tactical Practical this afternoon via the US Mail and gave them a thank you call. They sent a replacement Leinad Safety Bar/pin plus 4 of the Safety Clips.

I rounded up the tools I’d need. A non-marring hammer, some plastic punch pins, a pair of needle nose pliers and a hockey puck.

I followed the instructions for assembling the weapon and got it right. Check the positioning of the Safety Shield, Part 15 to insure it’s hooked over the retaining pin, before inserting the Safety Bar.

Read Part 22 of the Guide.

Once the Safety Bar is in position with the round side on the left, almost flush within the frame, slide the Safety Clip into the grooved notch at the end of the pin. You have to slightly pull back on the hammer to get it just right.

Once the Safety Clip has been placed on, depress the Safety on the right side. The square button is slightly recessed into the square hole. The Safety is now on. Trying cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. The safety should be functional. The square side goes into the hammer and blocks it.

The Open for loading position. Notice the round end Safety Bar/Pin is extended to the left. Holding the pistol by the barrel, position the thumb on the left Barrel Latch Knob and the forefinger on the right knob. Slide them towards the grips, and then pull the barrel down. For reloading. If the barrels will not open check the position of the safety. Slightly draw back on the hammer to ease pin movement.

I had to replace both parts because the previous owner had marred the grooved notch around the Safety Bar. Trying to force the barrels open with the safety off doesn’t work. . The front of the hammer is notched and blocks the barrel latch knobs from moving.

So thanks to Practical Tactical I got the parts, did the repairs. This 20 Year old predecessor to the Judge and the Governor is now operational. For $5.00 in parts cost.
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